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Information PLEASE READ: Newly Registered & Awaiting Activation
Posted by: Eli - 12-28-2012 05:02 PM - Replies (8)

PLEASE READ: Newly Registered & Awaiting Activation

If you are a NEWLY REGISTERED Member that just went through the registration process, more then likely you have not been FULLY ACTIVATED yet. Once activated you will have FULL ACCESS to the forum.

PLEASE DO NOT Register another account because you have not been activated yet. This will only result in the 2nd account being deleted.

You will be ACTIVATED as soon as possible.

Get The Truth Out has now been given the feature to ALERT newly activated members by EMAIL!!!!

As of January 14, 2013 New registrants awaiting activation by admin will be automatically sent an email alerting them that their new GTTO account has been activated by an admin! This is a great addition to forum features! As before new members had to keep checking the forum to see if they had been activated or not.

I try to get to all Newly Registered Members as soon as possible.... i am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but just be patient.



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  What are guests missing out on at GTTO?
Posted by: Kachina - 11-27-2012 10:01 PM - No Replies

Ever wondered what kinds of forum topics are locked to guest viewing and posting? Here's a sneak peak at what kinds of discussions you are missing out on as a guest:

* General "Out Of The Box" Discussions
Here we will hold generalized discussions with an "Out of the Box" way of thinking. This section will not be for every body. It requires an open mind and a willingness to change old ways of thinking. Please dont participate if you cant leave your pre-conditioned ways at the door.

* X
Posts from ATOM's "It's Coming" thread and further research. Also, other breadcrumbs dropped in this section.

* 11:11
Are you seeing 11:11? Discuss it here and learn more about it.

* Synchronicity
Is it just a coincidence? Do you even believe in coincidences? Discuss the power of Synchronicity and learn more about this key of life.

* Pseudo-science - Fringe Science - Quantum Mechanics
Pseudo-science can mean many different things to different people. Therefore, i will not use "societies" definition of it. Feel free to discuss what it means to you and what you feel is Pseudo-science & All things Quantum!

* Stargates - Portals - Dimensional Travel - Time Travel - Teleportation
What are Stargates & Portals? Where do they come from? Are they natural? Man made? Is Dimensional Travel really possible? Lean more about this and more here.

* Energy - Frequencies - Harmonics - Vibrations
Energy and Frequencies connects us to everything! Learn more about these subjects and how to become self aware. Plus much more...

* Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry - "involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything." Learn more about this and more here.

* Symbols & Signs - Esoterism - Forbidden Knowledge
This is where discussions on Symbols & Signs, Esoteric subjects and Forbidden Knowledge can go.

* Nightmare's - Dreams - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Interpretation
Having Nightmares or just general bothersome Dreams and need to talk about it? Or maybe offer a Dream Interpretation to help someone else.

While GTTO has current events that are discussed and researched on the board viewable by guests, the real guts and research of GTTO is within these locked forums. Some great material and real GEMS to be found in there!

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Pin Get The Truth Out is looking for STAFF!
Posted by: Eli - 04-20-2012 10:16 PM - Replies (2)

Get The Truth Out is looking for STAFF!

Get The Truth Out has always had its members best interests at hand. There is a great group of people here to get to know and interact with.

If you are looking for a no non-sense website to make your new "Home", then this is one of the few places to do so. We dont tolerate un-necessary drama here and games. We are here to help wake people up and expose deceit on a world wide level. We try to get the truth out to the best of our ability here. We dont intentionally start or spread incorrect or disinformation on purpose. We do try to set the record straight should this occur at any time. Which does and can happen to any one.

If you need to take a break from all the "Doom & Gloom", we have a special section just for that. Also, we have a "Shop", "Lottery" & "Bank" features for leisure purposes. So plenty of fun available on the website...things dont always have to be so gloomy!

So with that being said, we are looking to expand our horizons and reach more people with the truth and get them to wake up to whats coming ahead in the very near future.

So whether you are looking to just become a member or you are interested in being part of the NEW STAFF, its a decision you cant go wrong with!

The ideal goal i would like to shoot for would be at least 3 to 5 max people for each position. We already have a couple of positions filled already!

Spots available for:

News Spotters:
Stories of interest that should be brought out to more peoples attention. Use your own judgment and be willing to follow up on the articles you post about should updates become available. This position probably comes with the least amount of responsibility, as its basically sharing News articles & Stories of interest.

Individuals with a nose for news and investigations. Subjects and Projects at your own discretion. There may be instances that a Project will be assigned to you. You can accept or decline it. Must be willing to do follow up work on assignments etc.

Team work is encouraged! This is a responsible position and has the potential to take up a lot of time. Open minded, critical thinkers are best suited for this position. If you are someone that tends to lean more toward one side of the fence (biased), this may not be the best position for you. All angles in an investigation must be considered.

Research Team:
There are many subject matters that are already on Get The Truth Out that need more Research done. Also feel free to share with us your own research on a subject or project that you have been working on previously. Maybe you have a blog or something you would like to share some of your content with us here. You would be able to link back to your blog or website.

Team Work is encouraged amongst all positions and even members!
Please respect others work and give credit to where it is due.

Serious inquiries only please!

These positions are on a volunteer basis only. These are not paid positions. If you have spare time in your life and you like to research, write and have a passion for truth. Then this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Help others become aware of whats really going on in the world!

If you are interested, be sure to Register with us. Send me a PM of what position you are interested in. And we will go from there. Or if you would rather email me first, you can do so here: GetTheTruthOut@ymail.com

All GTTO members are welcomed to apply. Long term members of Get The Truth Out will get first dibs.

There will be a "Trial" period for those i have not seen previous work from.

Have any questions, feel free to also comment here in this thread.


GTTO Management

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