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Forum Contains New Posts GTTO Guests Help Desk & Information For Those Awaiting "Activation"
Information for Guests visiting Get The Truth Out and for those who have or plan on Registering with the forum. Also, information for those awaiting "activation".
5 15 Non-Activated Members - C...
01-07-2015 03:29 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Forum Announcements - Guidelines - Forum News
Be sure to check here from now on for all Forum Announcements and News. Be sure to check the Forum Guidelines. Your membership could depend on it.
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Forum Contains New Posts New Members Introduce Yourself
New member's please introduce yourself here! Thanks
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Forum Contains New Posts Technical Issues? Feedback & Suggestion Box - Tutorials
Having problems with getting around the new forum? Or need to REPORT a problem with the sites functionality? This is the place! Other Feedback and Suggestions welcomed! You will also find tutorials in this section to help you learn such things as the use of Tags, how to take a screen shot and embed documents.
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Forum Contains New Posts General Discussion
Feel free to discuss anything that doesn't seem to fit into any other category.
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Forum Contains New Posts Members Lounge - Forum Games & Rant Room!
Members come here to relax and take a break from "mind overload". Tell a joke, post a funny video or share a song! Or if you just want to let off some steam!
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Forum Contains New Posts Testing 1, 2 , 3
Test out those signatures and avatars and whatever else you would like to test here! Helps to keep the board clean! Thanks!
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Forum Contains New Posts The Obama Administration - Elections - Politics - Political Deception
Discuss Obama headlines and anything else concerning the Obama Administration. Upcoming Elections, Politics and Political Deception.
172 368 Hillary Clinton Used Pers...
03-28-2015 12:31 AM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Government - United Nations - World Affairs
Here you can discuss the Government and World Affairs , such as cover-ups, propaganda, dis-information, and any other related news here.
151 250 In Clinton Emails on Beng...
03-23-2015 02:33 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Homeland Security - TSA - Terrorism - Domestic Terrorism - Governmental Organized Crime
Discussions on Homeland Security, TSA intrusive pat downs, Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism and other Organized Crimes orchestrated by Governments go here.
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsGun Control News
161 366 Gabby Giffords to push fo...
03-20-2015 02:30 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Military - War - Drills & Exercises - FEMA
Discuss current on going Wars and rumors of wars. Military Drills & Exercises, as well as FEMA news.
135 254 Military Exercise JADE HE...
03-20-2015 12:20 AM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts NWO - Globalization - Martial Law - Concentration Camps - Depopulation
Discussions about the NWO and the implications of Globalization and the inevitable ushering in of Martial Law! Dont forget those dreadful Concentration Camps!
16 32 Ohio Schools Just Started...
02-23-2015 04:50 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Big Brother - Surveillance - Censorship - Echelon - Data Mining - Profiling - Social Engineering - Privacy Concerns
Discuss Big Brother and your privacy concerns. Whats in place and whats to come next. WHO is watching and listening to YOU?!?!
123 240 Android malware spies on ...
02-26-2015 12:06 PM
by paws
Forum Contains New Posts The Body Count - Whistleblowers
This is the place to talk about those who have mysteriously came up dead. Whistle-blowers and the alarming list of dead Scientists that continues to grow.
93 279 Alberto Nisman, Argentine...
02-13-2015 04:13 PM
by Eli

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Forum Contains No New Posts Breaking News!
Please post ONLY the current Breaking News Headlines here!
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Forum Contains New Posts News - Mainstream Media - Current Events
Discuss the latest News in Mainstream Media and other Current Events. Can you really trust the Mainstream Media?
86 219 Hillary Clinton Blames ‘D...
02-25-2015 07:31 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Current Weather Issues - Other Weather Related News
Current Weather conditions you think are worth mentioning, such as Hurricanes & Blizzards. Extreme weather reports and Alerts etc.
88 176 Gulf Stream Slowdown May ...
03-24-2015 06:28 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Alternative News & Sources
Share your Alternative News & Sources here. Chances are if its NOT being reported by the mainstream media, then you will find it from an Alternative Source!
17 44 Bill Gates says vaccines ...
10-14-2014 05:25 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Entertainment & Music News
Hear something of interest coming out of Hollywood or from the Music Industry you think we should know about? Post it up here!
59 161 Cissy Houston: I'm Okay I...
03-25-2015 10:04 PM
by Eli

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Forum Contains New Posts Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic Watch & Reports
Post the latest Earthquakes, Tsunami & Volcanic activity reports and news related stories here!
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsVirginia 5.9 Earthquake August 23, 2011
393 1,485 Magnitude 7.5 earthquake ...
03-29-2015 09:59 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Solar Activity Reports & News
Keep up on the latest Sun activity such as: Sunspots, CME's. Geomagnetic Storms and more!
66 124 Poweful Geomagnetic Storm...
03-19-2015 12:54 AM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts NASA - Space Weather - Events & News
Post the latest from NASA! Report on Comet & Meteor sightings. Get the latest on those pesky Asteroids! Upcoming Eclipses and more!
311 568 Jupiter May Have Destroye...
03-24-2015 06:02 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Nuclear Incidents & Reports - Radiation - HAZMAT & Chemical Spills
Discuss any Nuclear incidents and reports here. Also Hazmat and chemical spill incidents. Note: Keep all Japans Nuke reports in its proper place, thanks!
77 212 Scientist Gets 5 Years in...
01-31-2015 11:56 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Oil Spills - Incidents & Reports - Gas Explosions -Drilling - Fracking
Discuss and report on Oil Spill incidents and Drilling etc. Note: Keep BP / GOM related news in its proper section. Thanks
67 138 Moniz reiterates priority...
03-25-2015 09:29 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Other Disaster News - The Disaster Library
Other Disaster News that doesn't seem to fit in any other category can go here. Looking for a date or info of a previous Disaster? Check here in The Disaster Library!
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsThe Disaster Library, Forum Contains New PostsMissing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Boeing 777, and 3 more.
218 556 Germanwings crash co-pilo...
03-29-2015 09:42 PM
by Kachina

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Forum Contains New Posts Conspiracy Theories
Discuss general Conspiracy Theories here that dont already have a designated forum for discussion...
48 195 Bobbi Kristina And The 33...
02-10-2015 02:50 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Apocalypse - Doomsday - 2012 - Nibiru - Signs Of The Times
Discuss 2012 and the impact you think it could have on Earth...will it be the end of Mankind? Or the start of a new age of peace or evil? Signs Of The Times..Apocalypse now? Doomsday scenarios!
53 112 Russia to build world fir...
01-30-2015 06:18 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Spirituality - Religion - Cults - Philosophy - New Age
A place to discuss all types of religions and the quest for spirituality. Whether that be by more traditional ways or more geared towards the New Age. Talk about Cults and more!
59 139 1500 Year Old Bible Claim...
03-26-2015 04:00 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Ancient Histories - Alternate Histories - Civilizations - Greek Mythology
Talk about Ancient Histories and different Civilizations here. As well as alternative Histories, Greek Mythology and other related topics.
85 198 Discovery of ‘Alien’ DNA ...
03-19-2015 10:05 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts UFO's - Alien's - Abduction's
This is the place for UFO related stories. Such as Roswell, abductions, sightings and any other related subject matter.
87 168 UFO Crash in Manitoba Can...
02-23-2015 03:36 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Crop Circles
Talk about Crop Circle news here. Along with any other related information...including possible interpretations.
13 31 Crop circle reveals comet...
01-07-2014 11:54 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Chemtrails & Weather Modification
This is the spot to discuss Chemtrails and Weather Modification. Is it real? Is there a connection?
18 32 Mysterious' fibers found ...
11-20-2014 11:41 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts HAARP - Scalar - SSSS - Acoustic Weapons
HAARP, Scalar & Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) and more...harmless tools used by our Government or something more sinister? Learn more bout it here.
27 61 Boeing patents 'Star Wars...
03-24-2015 06:16 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts CERN - Large Hadron Collider - NIF - Dept. Of Energy
Discussions on CERN and the LHC here. Keep up to date on the status of LHC, news & events. As well as the National Ignition Facility & U.S. Department of Energy news.
48 78 LHC is Fixed, Restarting ...
Yesterday 07:17 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Secret Programs & Projects - Project Blue Beam - Holograms - Black Ops - Secret Intelligence
Discuss Project Blue Beam and other Secret Programs and Black Operations here.
13 22 PATCON: FBI’s Secret War ...
02-22-2014 01:12 AM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Illuminati - Freemasons - Secret Societies
Is there really a shadow Government that rules the world in secret? Talk about Secret Societies, Freemasons & the Illuminati here.
43 137 Bilderberg Meeting Copenh...
05-29-2014 03:25 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts The Royals - Other Elite Bloodlines
Discuss The Royals, whether it be about exposing them, reptilian rumors, history, events or simple visits. Any other rumors. Also discuss other Elite Bloodlines.
45 114 Kate Middleton to Celebra...
02-04-2015 11:08 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Mind Control - Satanic Ritual Abuse - Gang Stalking
This is the place to talk about Mind Control and Satanic Ritual Abuse. Feel free to talk about your own experiences or discuss other cases. Get educated on what to look for. Also Gang Stalking..one not to many people have heard of.
20 52 Conviction List: Ritual A...
03-17-2015 05:47 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Predictive Programming - Subliminal Messaging - Mind Control - Occult Imagery Within Hollywood & Music Industry
Discussions about how the Illuminati control Hollywood and the Music Industry and how its effected you in what you listen to and watch. Predictive Programming. Subliminal Messaging & Occult Imagery seen in movies, heard in music etc.
02-04-2015 11:10 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Satanism - Demonology - Possession - Occult - Voodoo - Magic
Talk about more darker subjects here such as Satanism, Demonology etc here. Maybe you have a personal story to share or your looking for answers otherwise.
47 82 Priests perform exorcism ...
03-24-2015 03:52 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Psychics - Psychic Abilities - Astrology - Numerology - Zodiac - Tarot Cards
This is the place to talk about Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Cards and related issues.
7 20 New Year's Day 2015 Grand...
01-04-2015 05:12 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Earth Changes & Enviromental Issues - Sinkholes
Talk about natural and not so natural Earth Changes here! Keep up to date on those Sinkholes!
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsAssumption Parish, Louisiana Sinkhole (Bayou Corne)
142 350 Natural cycle in Pacific ...
02-27-2015 12:46 AM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Unexplained Animal & Marine Life Deaths, Changes, Strange Behavior & Illnesses
Discussions and reports on the recent unexplained animal & marine life deaths can go here. Keep up to date on the latest turn of events. Any other unexplained deaths, changes, illnesses and behavior of wildlife can also go here.
59 198 Dozens Of Shorebirds In E...
02-19-2015 03:11 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts Cryptozoology - Mythical Creatures - Animal Kingdom - Insects
Talk about those legendary beasts here! Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Loch Ness Monster and many, many others. Mythical Creatures. Also the place for other animals & insect discussions.
14 26 Scientists May Be Able to...
03-25-2015 09:40 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts People, Scams, Websites & Issues Of Special Interest & Influence
This section is geared towards special interests, such as... Scams involving, but not limited to other conspiracy websites and forums. Other issues of similar interest may also be found and posted in this section as well. Maybe you have a concern or an issue with someone of influence and you would like to report it here for us to look into it for you. Have you been scammed? We might be able to help.
95 774 Wolfgang Halbiig Sandy Ho...
03-23-2015 07:04 PM
by Kachina

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Forum Contains New Posts Oklahoma City Bombing 4-19-1995
Discussions about The OKC bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.
10 16 Oversight by Utah magistr...
11-12-2014 01:59 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts 9-11-2001
Discuss what you think really happened on September 11, 2001. Talk about the deception and the lies that surrounded that tragic day. Post evidence of the cover-up etc.
52 121 United States fear the pu...
02-09-2015 05:00 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts BP Oil Spill 4-20-2010
The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the BP oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout) was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on the BP-operated Macondo Prospect, considered the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, estimated to be between 8% and 31% larger in volume than the earlier Ixtoc I oil spill. Following the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which claimed 11 lives, a sea-floor oil gusher flowed unabated for three months in 2010. The gushing wellhead was not capped until after 87 days, on 15 July 2010. The total discharge is estimated at 4.9 million barrels
56 78 Lesions on Gulf of Mexico...
07-09-2014 11:41 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Japan's Great Quake & Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 3-11-2011
Talk about Japans Great Quake and all the other tragic events that followed, such as the biggest Nuclear disaster in history so far to date.
212 453 Fukushima Radioactivity D...
11-12-2014 06:50 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Death Of Osama Bin Laden - May 1, 2011
Discussion on the Bin Laden Death. How many times has he been declared dead now?
65 176 Why The White House Hasn’...
03-16-2014 06:42 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Boston Marathon Bombings - April 15, 2013 (1 user browsing)
During the 2013 Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded, killing 3 people and injuring more than 183 others. The bombs were placed near the finish line, along Boylston Street. They detonated at 2:50 p.m. EDT (18:50 UTC), about 12 seconds apart.
88 190 Prosecution rests its cas...
Yesterday 07:12 PM
by Kachina

Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Forum Contains New Posts FDA - Food Safety - Food Studies - Genetically Modified Food
Discussions on Food Safety, studies..plus Genetically Modified Foods and the FDA. Recalls on food etc.
39 98 Monsanto seeks retraction...
03-24-2015 06:50 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Big Pharma - CDC - Health Issues - Diseases - Medicine (1 user browsing)
Talk about anything pertaining to Health Issues & Diseases here. Man made diseases as well. Recalls on Medicines. Talk about Big Pharma's hidden agenda.
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsEbola Outbreak 2014
390 975 Study announces a durable...
03-25-2015 10:31 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts General Science - Physics - Biology - Chemistry (1 user browsing)
Discuss General Science issues, Physics, Biology, Chemistry etc...the latest breaking Science discovers & breakthroughs etc.
152 331 Scientists Urge Museums t...
03-25-2015 09:51 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Alternative Medicine, Herbal & Home Remedies
Here you can discuss Alternative Medicines and or Herbal and Home Remedies that may or may not have worked. Also the "war" on getting these things regulated. Why do they really want us not using this stuff?
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsPrepper & Survival
30 51 Pain (Holistic)
03-10-2015 12:10 PM
by paws
Forum Contains New Posts Agriculture & Economy News
Talk about the latest on Agriculture and the Economy.
9 11 Food crisis looms as Ebol...
10-02-2014 03:19 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts IRS & Taxes - Other Financial News
Get the scoop on Taxes and the IRS related news. Also other Financial News.
30 49 HHS Messed Up 800,000 Oba...
02-20-2015 06:42 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Wall Street - Stock Market & Business News
Post the latest on the Stock Market and other Business News!
42 66 Halliburton, Baker Hughes...
01-20-2015 01:51 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Technology & Tech News
Talk about the latest in Technology and related News!
60 126 Facebook Messenger will n...
03-26-2015 03:09 PM
by Eli

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Forum Contains New Posts Crime Library
Unsolved Mysteries, Serial Killers, Criminals, Infamous Cases, Gangs, Spies Etc.
Sub Forums: Forum Contains New PostsNewtown Connecticut: Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Forum Contains New Posts Elliot Rodger: 2014 Isla Vista Killings, and 4 more.
791 4,212 Alcasser girls case, Spai...
Today 04:15 PM
by over1979
Forum Contains New Posts Child Abuse Awareness And Other Related Issues
Raise awareness on Child Abuse and many other related issues and concerns.
37 133 Teens Molested During ‘Ex...
03-26-2015 06:03 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts The Unexplained - Strange Turn Of Events - Bizarre
See or read about something strange? Come across something that just cant seemed to be explained? Report it here!
59 225 Mysterious Lights In Russ...
03-25-2015 10:05 PM
by Kachina
Forum Contains New Posts Strange Sounds - Unexplained Booms & Rumbling Reports
A lot of strange sounds, unexplained booms and rumbling events being reported all over the world, with no real explanation for them. Report cases and discuss your theories and opinions here!
106 264 Mystery earth-shaking boo...
Today 02:33 PM
by Eli
Forum Contains New Posts The Paranormal - Supernatural - Ghosts - Spirits
Talk about the Paranormal & Supernatural here. Got a good ghost story or other unexplainable related experience? Or talk about other cases etc.
07-02-2014 09:30 PM
by Kachina

Forum Threads Posts Last Post
Forum Contains New Posts General "Out Of The Box" Discussions
Here we will hold generalized discussions with an "Out of the Box" way of thinking. This section will not be for every body. It requires an open mind and a willingness to change old ways of thinking. Please dont participate if you cant leave your pre-conditioned ways at the door.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts X
Coming Soon!
- -
Forum Contains New Posts 11:11
Are you seeing 11:11? Discuss it here and learn more about it.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Synchronicity
Is it just a coincidence? Do you even believe in coincidences? Discuss the power of Synchronicity and learn more about this key of life.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Pseudo-science - Fringe Science - Quantum Mechanics
Pseudo-science can mean many different things to different people. Therefore, i will not use "societies" definition of it. Feel free to discuss what it means to you and what you feel is Pseudo-science & All things Quantum!
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Life After Death - Ascension - Awakening - Collective Consciousness / Unconscious - Self Awareness - Light Body
Discussions on ascension and the shift in consciousness will be held here. As well as other closely related subject matters, like Life After Death, Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation etc.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Stargates - Portals - Dimensions - Astral Travel - Time Travel - Teleportation
What are Stargates & Portals? Where do they come from? Are they natural? Man made? Is Dimensional Travel really possible? Lean more about this and more here.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Energy - Frequencies - Harmonics - Vibrations
Energy and Frequencies connects us to everything! Learn more about these subjects and how to become self aware. Plus much more...
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry - "involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything." Learn more about this and more here.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Symbols & Signs - Esoterism - Forbidden Knowledge
This is where discussions on Symbols & Signs, Esoteric subjects and Forbidden Knowledge can go.
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Prophets - Prophecies - Predictions - Revelations - Visions
Discuss those great Prophets like Nostradamus and his remarkable Prophecies and Visions! Feel free to talk about your own Visions and Revelations as well!
- -
Forum Contains New Posts Nightmares - Dreams - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Interpretation - Sleep Studies - Sleeping Disorders
Having Nightmares or just general bothersome Dreams and need to talk about it? Or maybe offer a Dream Interpretation to help someone else.
- -

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